Cold Bru coffee is one of life’s best kept secrets. Bru-ing coffee with cold water does seem to be a bit of a contradiction, and while preparing it can be a bit tricky, the results can be well worth the effort. Let me remind you that despite popular belief, cold brew is NOT the same as iced coffee. Yes, they're both served cold, but drastically different.

Cold bru-ing with ice can seem a bit intimidating at first if you’re not used to it, but the trick is knowing that the weight of liquid water and the weight of ice is the same. So, if you know the ratios you want you can either measure out your water ahead of time before you freeze it, or you can do some conversions. FYI, 1 gram converts to 0.034 fluid ounces... A more useful bit of information would be that 30 grams converts to approximately 1 fluid ounce, so keep that in mind if you want to measure your ice with a scale. I decided to use the ratio of two “scoops” of coffee to three “trays” of ice cubes. Use equal parts of water and ice.

Coffee-to-Water Ratio Here are a few different proportions - all using the about same coffee to water ratio - that can serve as a starting point for your brew recipe depending on your preferred system of measurement and your vessel. Extra Coarse Grind recommended.


  1. Measure out maximum of 550g/ml - equal parts of water and ice.
  2. Weigh out approx. 40g of coffee and grind coarsely like sea salt.
  3. Add ground coffee to the holder and place a paper filter on top, and pre-wet the coffee ensuring that all grounds are wet.
  4. Add water and ice to the top bowl, do not top off. (about half water and half ice).
  5. Set the drip rate at 1 drip per second and wait for the awesomeness to happen.